Lithuanian Computer Society Events

Lithuanian Computer Society Events

Previous events:

12th International Workshop “Data Analysis Methods for Software Systems”
(December 2–4, 2021, Druskininkai, Lithuania)


Partnering event: Ai Everything Summit 
(October 17-21, 2021, Dubai, UAE,
March 10–11, 2020;
April 30 – May 1, 2019,  Dubai, UAE)




♦ National multi-events
“Computer Days / Kompiuterininkų dienos”

The last one:
“Computer Days – 2021” (September 23–24, Klaipėda University, Klaipėda, Lithuania)




♦ International Association for Scandinavian Studies
33rd Study Conference
IASS 2021: Memory Culture in Scandinavian Studies
(August 3–6, 2021, Vilnius, Lithuania)


The second round of the International Challenge on    Informatics and Computational Thinking BEBRAS
(February 20, 2021)


Partnering events: 33nd International Conference on Industrial, Engineering & Other Applications of Applied Intelligent Systems, IEA/AIE 2020, (September 22–25, 2020, Kitakyushu, Japan), IEA/AIE 2019 (2019-07-09–11, Graz, Austria), IEA/AIE-2018 (2018-06-25–28, Montreal, Canada), IEA/AIE-2017 (2017-06-27–30, Arras, France), IEA/AIE-2016 (2016-08-2–4, Marioka, Japan); IEA/AIE-2015 (2015-06-10–12, Seul, Korea); IEA/AIE-2014 (2014-06-3–6, Kaohsiung, Taivan); IEA/AIE-2013 (2013-06-17–21, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

♦ 10th International Doctoral Consortium “Informatics and Informatics Engineering Education Research” IIEER 2019 (December 2–6, Druskininkai, Lithuania), IIEER 2018, IIEER 2017, …, IIEER 2010

♦ 11th International Workshop “Data Analysis Methods for Software Systems” DAMSS 2019 (November 28–30, Druskininkai, Lithuania), DAMSS 2018, DAMSS 2017, DAMSS 2016, DAMSS 2015, …, DAMSS 2009

Partnering event: AI & Big Data Expo Global 2019 (April 25–26, London, U.K.)


Nordplus Workshop Culturally Diverse Approaches to Learning Mathematics and Computational Thinking, in cooperation with IIEER 2018 (Noveber 30 – December 5, 2018, Druskininkai, Lithuania)


♦ International Conference “Constructionism 2018” (August 21–25,  Vilnius, Lithuania)


♦ 13th biennial International Baltic Conference on Databases and Information Systems BalticDB&IS 2018 (July 1–4, Trakai, Lithuania), BalticDB&IS 2012, BalticDB&IS 2000


Partnering event: SEE-IT SUMMIT 2018 (1st international Summit in the South East European Hub for IT, Telecommunication, Innovations, Gaming and Internet of Things, 2018-11-7–9 @ NOVI SAD FAIR Novi Sad, Serbia)

♦ Partnering event: AI World Congress 2018 (January 30–31, 2018, London, UK)


♦ Partnering event: The AI Summit 2016 (May 05, 2016, London, UK)



ACM International Conference “Inovation and Technology in Computer Science Education ITCSE 2015 (July 5–9, Vilnius, Lithuania)


IFIP TC3 Working Conference “A New Culture of Learning: Computing and Next Generations” (July 1–3, 2015, Vilnius, Lithuania)



European Association for Artificial Intelligence EurAI 7th Advanced Course on Artificial Intelligence ACAI-97
(June 23–28, Vilnius, Lithuania)


Seminars of Artificial Intelligence section

♦ Workshops of Education section for Informatics teachers

♦ Joint seminars of Lithuanian Computer Society and Institute of Mathematics and Informatics
“Theoretical and Practical Problems of Informatics”

♦ Methodical seminars for heads of Chairs of Informatics and Computers of Universities

♦ etc.