Privacy protection and management of personal data (privacy policy)

Privacy protection and management of personal data (privacy policy)

1. When registering, the Participant must provide his/her personal data in information fields provided by the Event Organiser (i.e., name, surname, employer or represented institution, telephone number, e-mail address) that are necessary for the Participant to register and pay the Participant’s fee.

2. The Event Organiser has the right to collect and process personal data provided by the Participant to the Event Organiser and, if necessary, to disclose it to third parties, to the extent necessary for the execution of the order, data processing, or the planning and analysis of the Event Organiser’s activities. The Event Organiser is also entitled to use the Participant’s personal data for the purpose of advertising and information for the Participant in the framework of the activities of the Organiser. The approval of this legal document (made in accordance with Clause 2.2 of the Rules) constitutes the consent to the use of personal data for the purpose specified in these Rules.

3. By agreeing that the personal data of the Participant will be processed for the purpose of participating in the Event, the Participant also agrees that the to the e-mail address(es) and/or to phone number(s) will be sent informational messages related to this Event.

4. By signing up to the Event, the Participant commits to protect and not disclose any login details. If he/she forgets his password, he/she can use the password reminder by clicking the “Remind password” link on the Login page below the Login form. After entering his/her e-mail address, a new password will be sent to him/her. If the e-mail was entered correctly, but there is a “Blogging Data Entry” message, it is recommended that the Participant contact the Event Organiser via e-mail: [email protected] .

5. The Participant confirms that he has accessed to the conditions for the processing of personal data and has the following rights:

  • to have access to his/her data and to request the correction of incorrect, inaccurate personal data;
  • at any time to prohibit the collection and processing of his personal data, except in cases when it is necessary for the fulfilment of the requirements arising from contract of participation in the Event;
  • to request correction, destruction of personal data or suspension of personal data processing by sending an e-mail message to [email protected], or by submitting the message to the Organiser’s address indicated in Clause 1.2 of the Rules.