Rules of Participation in Conferences and Seminars organised by the Lithuanian Computer Society (LIKS)

Rules of Participation in Conferences and Seminars organised by the Lithuanian Computer Society (LIKS)

  1. Concepts

1.1. Rules –those rules defining the participation of Participant (who is registered on the website at Events organised by the LIKS.

1.2. [Event] Organiser – Lithuanian Computer Society (abbreviation LIKS), legal entity code 123938163, non-VAT payer, registration address: Geležinio Vilko str. 12, Vilnius, Lithuania.

1.3. Registration Website – the registration website for the Event at .

1.4. Participant – a physical or legal person, as well as representatives duly authorized by such persons, who has the right to enter into transactions according to the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

1.5. Personal data – Participant name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, workplace or an institution represented by him/her.

1.6. Event – a conference, seminar or other similar event organised by the Lithuanian Computer Society.

  1. General provisions

2.1. These Rules determine the rights, duties and responsibilities between the Event Organiser and the Participant (who registers to the Event), the payment procedure, the procedure for the refund of the Participant’s fee and other matters related to the participation in the Event.

2.2. The Rules become mandatory for the parties, from the moment when the Participant acquaints and agrees with them, checking the check mark “I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions”.

2.3. The Participant is allowed to pay the Registration Fee only if he/she conforms to and agrees with the requirements of these Rules.

2.4. The Event Organiser has the right to change and/or supplement the Rules at any time. The amendments and/or additions to the Rules come into force upon their publication on the website.

2.5. After the addition or amendment of the Rules, they are valid for all future Events, including the Event in which the registration takes place during the change of Rules.

2.6. The Participant, in agreement with the Rules, confirms that he/she has the right to register at the Event, i.e. corresponds to the criteria specified in Clause 1.4 of the Rules.

2.7. The Agreement between the Participant and the Event Organiser is deemed to be concluded from the moment when the Participant completes the Participant’s Questionnaire, chooses the method of payment, confirms that he has read the Rules and clicks the “Pay” button.

2.8. Additional conditions for participation in the Event may be specified in the questionnaire of Registration Form for the Event.

  1. Privacy protection and management of personal data (privacy policy)

3.1. When registering, the Participant must provide his/her personal data in information fields provided by the Event Organiser (i.e., name, surname, employer or represented institution, telephone number, e-mail address) that are necessary for the Participant to register and pay the Participant’s fee.

3.2. The Event Organiser has the right to collect and process personal data provided by the Participant to the Event Organiser and, if necessary, to disclose it to third parties, to the extent necessary for the execution of the order, data processing, or the planning and analysis of the Event Organiser’s activities. The Event Organiser is also entitled to use the Participant’s personal data for the purpose of advertising and information for the Participant in the framework of the activities of the Organiser. The approval of this legal document (made in accordance with Clause 2.2 of the Rules) constitutes the consent to the use of personal data for the purpose specified in these Rules.

3.3. By agreeing that the personal data of the Participant will be processed for the purpose of participating in the Event, the Participant also agrees that informational messages related to this Event will be sent to the e-mail address(es) and/or to phone number(s).

3.4. By signing up to the Event, the Participant commits to protect and not disclose any login details. If he/she forgets his password, he/she can use the password reminder by clicking the “Forgot your password?” link on the bottom left of “SIGN IN” page. After entering his/her e-mail address, a new password will be sent to him/her. If the e-mail was entered correctly, but there is a “Blogging Data Entry” message, it is recommended that the Participant contact the Event Organiser via e-mail: [email protected] .

3.5. The Participant confirms that he has accessed to the conditions for the processing of personal data and has the following rights:

  • to have access to his/her data and to request the correction of incorrect, inaccurate personal data;
  • at any time to prohibit the collection and processing of his personal data, except in cases when it is necessary for the fulfilment of the requirements arising from contract of participation in the Event;
  • to request correction, destruction of personal data or suspension of personal data processing by sending an e-mail message to [email protected], or by submitting the message to the Organiser’s address indicated in Clause 1.2 of the Rules.
  1. The rights and obligations of the Participant

4.1. The Participant has the right to register in accordance with the Rules and other information indicated on website.

4.2. The Participant undertakes to pay the envisaged Participant’s fee at the time specified in the Registration Form for the Event.

4.3. If the data provided in the Participant’s Registration Form changes, the Participant must immediately update them.

4.4. The Participant undertakes not to transfer to third parties their login data. If the Participant loses access to the login information, he/she must immediately inform the Event Organiser by means of communication indicated on Event Organiser’s website.

  1. The Event Organiser’s rights and obligations

5.1. The Event Organiser undertakes to create all conditions for the Participant to participate properly in the organised Event.

5.2. If the Participant attempts to harm the stability and security of the Event Organiser’s work, or breaches his obligations, the Event Organiser has the right to immediately and without warning limit or suspend the Participant’s access to the services provided by the Event Organiser.

5.3. The Event Organiser undertakes to respect the Participant’s privacy right to the personal information (indicated in the Registration Form) belonging to the Participant.

5.4. In case of significant circumstances, the Event Organiser may terminate the activity temporarily or in whole without prior notice to the Participant.

5.5 The Event Organiser has the right to cancel the registration of Participant in the Event without prior notice, if the Participant does not pay the Participation Fee at the specified time by choosing non-cash payment methods.

5.6. When the Participant chooses to participate in cash payments during the Event, the Event Organiser, in case of uncertainty regarding the information provided in the order, contacts the Participant with the telephone number indicated in the order. The Event Organiser has the right without prior notice to the Participant to cancel its registration if the Event Organiser fails to contact the Participant within 5 (five) business days.

5.7. The Event Organiser has the right to refuse the contract of participation in the Event, if the contract was concluded by a person who was not entitled to conclude a contract in accordance with these Rules.

  1. Ordering of goods and payment

6.1. Registration for the Event is possible at any time during the entire period of the registration for the Event.

6.2. A participant who has noticed an error in the Registration Form or wishing to cancel the participation in the Event must immediately contact by e-mail to [email protected] (at any time).

6.3. Participation fee is indicated on the Registration Form and is formed at the time of registration. The VAT charge, if applicable, is included in the indicated price. The Event Organiser reserves the right to change registration fees due to changes in tax rates. After signing up to the Event, the registration fee remains unchanged.

6.4. The Participant can pay for goods in one of the following ways:

  1. cash payment on arrival at the Event. When the Participant chooses to pay cash for the goods, he must have the exact amount of cash required for settlement;
  2. online payment. By choosing this payment method, you will be directed to the banking system, and can pay through AB SEB Bankas, AB Swedbank, Luminor Bank AB, AB Danske Bankas, Šiaulių Bankas AB, Citadele Bank AB, Medicinos Bankas UAB, Siauliu Bankas Electronic Banking Systems.
  1. payment by transfer. By choosing this method of payment, the Participant will receive a generated prepayment Invoice, according to which the order can be executed with the following details:

Recipient:                            Lithuanian Computer Society
Beneficiary Account:            LT753500010001696765
Bank:                                   Paysera LT
Bank code:                          35000
Bank address:                     Mėnulio 7, Vilnius, Lithuania
SWIFT:                                 EVIULT21XXX
Purpose of payment:            Provide a pre-invoice number.

  1. Bank Cards Online.

6.5. Selecting the item specified in 6.4. 2. The “Payment Online” method of payment, the responsibility for data security lies with the payment system PAYSERA. This system is operated by UAB “Paysera LT”, Mėnulio g. 7, LT-04326 Vilnius, Lithuania.

6.7. When an order is submitted, an e-mail message is sent immediately to the Participant with the generated prepayment account. When the Participant has paid for the selected goods, the Invoice is sent to the Participant’s e-mail address.

  1. Cancellation of participation in the Event

7.1. Participants have the right not to give reasons for refusal to participate in the Event, which has been registered, after notifying the Event Organiser in written form not later than 15 days prior to the Event. The Organizer shall refund the paid Participant’s Fee (minus the receiving and refund fees, which are reimbursed by the Participant) to the Participant not later than within 15 days from the date of receipt of the notice of refusal to participate in the Event.

  1. Responsibilities

8.1. The Participant is solely responsible for the accuracy of the personal data submitted by the Participant. If the Participant does not provide the exact personal data in the Registration Form, the Event Organiser is not responsible for the consequences arising therefrom and acquires the right to demand refund of direct damages incurred by the Participant.

8.2. By registering, the Participant is responsible for transferring its login data to third parties. If the services provided by the Event Organiser are used by a third party (accessing the Event Organiser’s website using the Participant’s login data), the Event Organiser considers this person as the Participant.

8.3. The Event Organiser is exempted from any liability in cases where losses arise from the fact that the Participant did not understand these Rules, although such an opportunity was granted to him.

8.4. If the Event Organiser’s website contains links to websites of other companies, institutions, organisations or individuals, the Event Organiser is not responsible for the information or activities contained therein; they do not supervise, control, or represent such companies and persons.

8.5. In case of damage, the damaging Party shall compensate the direct losses of damaged Party.

  1. Information and marketing

9.1. The Event Organiser sends all notices by means of communication indicated in the Participant’s Registration Form.

9.2. The participant sends all messages and questions to the telephone and e-mail indicated on Event Organiser’s website.

9.3. The Event Organiser is not responsible if the Participant is not receiving an information or other communications because of computer network interruptions.

  1. Final Provisions

10.1. All disputes arising from the execution of these Rules shall be resolved by negotiation. In the Event of failure to reach an agreement by negotiation, disputes shall be resolved in accordance with the procedure established by legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.